Bpoint Supported by the Commonwealth Bank

More ways to pay with BPOINT

Give your customers more ways to pay and get money in your business account sooner.

Your customers want more payment options, but you want to keep things simple. BPOINT can help you do both.

How BPOINT can help your business

You need to

Our Solution

Give your customers a choice

With BPOINT, your customers have a choice of convenient payment options: via telephone or online which means that you can get paid sooner.

Enable online payments

Add BPOINT to your own website, or simply direct your customers to ours. Your customer simply enters in their details from their invoice to direct the payment to your business account.

Enjoy a fast and reliable payments system

Enjoy the convenience of fast real-time authorisations, with same-day settlement** that puts funds in your CBA business transaction account faster.

Streamline administration

BPOINT brings together all your payments data, no matter how your customer pays. This makes it easy to keep track and to reconcile your payments, cutting overheads and saving you time.

Enjoy 24-hour support

Round-the-clock customer support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Keep your customers and business safe

With BPOINT, your customers' card data is secure. This helps you meet your security obligations in handling card data.

How BPOINT works

You'll receive access to your very own administration portal where you can process one off and batch payments and refunds. You can also schedule direct debits from your customers from here- so you never have to remember to get details from your customers again.

If you have a website or issue invoices, you can also simply add the BPOINT logo and reference details for the transaction and direct your customers to your BPOINT website or phone number. Your customers will then use these details to process the payment over the internet or over the phone. That way you don't need to be onsite or paying staff to keep your payments coming in.

Your administration portal also contains all your daily transaction reports which you can use to easily reconcile your payments either manually or by feeding into your accounting systems.


Who is it for?

Businesses that need to:

  • accept payments via the phone or via a computer
  • bill or invoice their customers and receive card and bank account payments
  • take online payments for website sales
  • set up recurring payments
  • reconcile customer payments more easily